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21 May

Trump receives hit with modern day vandalism and how to get likes on Instagram: Aziz Al-Sa’afin

Donald Trump’s overseas resort in Washington DC has had anti-trump messages projected up on the building.

it be all thanks to artist Robin Bell who put up the message: “Emoluments Welcome”, “Pay Trump Bribes right here”.

meanwhile an editorial titled “My household’s Slave” about modern day slavery from The Atlantic developments #1 worldwide.

Journalist Alex Tizon tells what’s been dubbed his premiere story of how his household had a slave his complete existence.

and how do you get greater likes on Instagram? a brand new analyze launched through Hopper HQ has all the answers.

Aziz takes a look at the greatest online tendencies of the day.

Watch the video for the complete interview.


the way to Get Likes on facebook – 500 and greater FB Likes in 2 days!

during this submit I’ll reveal you, how I bought 550 likes for my site (nopassiveincome.com) in two days.

first of all I want to mention that every one facebook clients which appreciated my FB web page are true users, which are interested in blogging and passive profits. So no “fake” users, “black hat” clients and even purchased users.

beneath I’ll reveal you 15 information how to get further and further likes on fb. And be patient – the remaining one element is essentially the most important and most beneficial 😉

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how to get likes


offer wonderful content to your FB web page

that you could put right here some thing you want – photographs, articles (notes), hyperlinks, questions, videos. essential element right here is to combine a considerable number of sorts of content material.

Ask Your clients to love Your page

It’s very basic – you have got lots of typical readers, Twitter followers, electronic mail subscribers, and even pals on facebook or on other social networks. simply ask them to love your FB web page.

Make Contests to your fb page

individuals like contests. you could present some prizes like ebooks, wallpapers and even money. however bear in mind – contests on FB may still be run most effective by the use of 3rd half apps (it’s on fb suggestions).

hyperlink to Your facebook page

you can hyperlink to your FB page from your personal web page, weblog, e mail signature, twitter account and even from your visitor post. but don’t overuse it.

present an Incentive to like Your web page

It’s corresponding to running a contest, but you don’t need third half apps and everybody is a winner 😉

take part in FB corporations

when you have time, that you can actively take part in linked organizations on facebook. It in reality works – but loads of time is required to peer outcomes.

Create pictures with call to action

put together surprising image with name to motion inside this photo. It additionally works for infographics.


how to get likes

Write a piece of writing “a way to Get fb Likes”

americans love (and hate) study “the way to” articles. So, fill it with awesome content and right here you are – some greater FB users will like your web page

buy Likes on your facebook page

I don’t recommend this components as a result of bought clients might also no longer engage with your different fans. nevertheless – there’s loads of websites which present paid likes…

exchange Likes with other facebook clients

It is terribly essential – you love a person’s web page and in trade you get like from him/her.

deploy Like field Widget or Like Button for your web page

Make it so simple as feasible to like your web page. on occasion individuals wish to like your FB page, but they don’t recognize how to do it…

Beg for Likes with the aid of Sending spam Messages

No comments 😉

Black Hat ways for Getting facebook Likes

(Un)fortunately I don’t understand such strategies 😛

Ask for Likes from The precise life

fb is probably the most well-known social network. And it’s regularly occurring not best on the information superhighway, but additionally in actual life. so you can ask for likes also in the offline observe, as an instance on:

  • enterprise cards
  • adverts on newspapers, radio and television
  • indicates and conferences
  • company paper
  • Your personal automobile

fb ads!


yes, this is my secret. here is essentially the most beneficial method on getting fb likes. You may suppose “yes, probably it’s beneficial, however have to be very high priced…”

no longer in any respect. I spent 9.08$ for getting 324 clicks (in pay per click on model) and 542 new likes for my web page. So one like prices me about 0.0167$. now not unhealthy… And it took me two days…

Of route facebook suggest better rate for one click (for me it turned into 0.5-1.2$) however that you would be able to trade it and set a value you could have enough money.

Some more benefits of facebook adverts:

-that you could reveal your advertisements to individuals in keeping with their age, vicinity, nationality, pastimes and other facets

-very quickly impact of your movements

-very elementary (evaluating to Google AdWords)

-more affordable (than Google AdWords)

-except credit cards they settle for PayPal and facebook coupons

-there are also facebook coupons which which you can get for free or purchase for few bucks. for example I purchased a facebook coupon (value 30Euro=37,29$) for six$…

-every fb page, which has greater than four hundred likes, can promote (for five$ or 10$) their closing put up among their fans. it is additionally a method to reach more likes for your page. I didn’t try it yet, but I really plan to do it within the following few months.

And what are your information in getting fb lovers or likes? Share all of them beneath within the feedback. and naturally like our web page 😉

how to Get Likes & company with are living Streaming

get more likes

a way to use facebook live Streaming to boost business, enhance engagement, reach extra people and in the end get your message to the loads.  during this video I share with you the proper information for fb live streaming and the way to make use of livestream video to have an impact on more americans.  Let’s face it, there is not any larger, no better platform that you can construct your company and attain greater people, than fb reside streaming.  implement these right counsel and spot your likes and engagement boost.  This video will take you in the course of the steps on the way to fb reside circulation, a way to get a hold of subject matters to focus on in your broadcasts, the way to get people to take motion, how lengthy a facebook reside move should be, how to profit business, how to enhance engagement on livestream video, and how to get more likes on fb are living.

My goal is to support you get your are living streaming video into more newsfeeds.  right now is a infrequent moment in time in social media and that i want you to optimize on the opportunities that have offered themselves.

So in this video I share with you precisely what you need to do to become a video influencer on fb!  as a result of let’s face it, there isn’t any greater, no enhanced platform that you should build your company and attain more americans, than facebook are living streaming.


enhance engagement and ensure people don’t block your are living streaming movies with these counsel!  every tip is lined in superior detail within the video.


  • research what it’s you’re going to discuss before you go reside. come up with 3 to five facets so that you can share.
  • Log into your fb app from your cellphone. it is the easiest method to live broadcast to your following.
  • faucet the “put up” icon.
  • faucet the “live” icon.
  • Write an enticing title. Bonus tip within the video!
  • click on “Go live”.
  • Smile and get right to it!
  • engage with people.
  • Ask people to share.
  • end with a CTA.
  • are trying to live under 30 minutes.
  • Promote the day, time, and theme of your subsequent broadcast.


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