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01 Feb

social media marketing through the campaign

Social media marketing has gained a lot of traction these days, the data suggests that more than 78% of the corporate leaders and enterprises utilises social media marketing for generating leads and also as for their go-to market strategy.



The reason behind that is pretty simple which is the huge user base of these social media websites and apps.



And, utilising social media marketing for your business is simple, but also it’s not easy.


But there are many thing to be taken care to maximise the benefits of leveraging social media marketing through the campaign.


the basic thing is to determine the goal you want to achieve through social media marketing, and making all the efforts required to achieve that goal.



The first step to leverage the benefits fo social media marketing is making a profile either as in business profile or your company profile.




But here comes the problem, when you do create a new profile, even your quality and value based post will go unnoticed and will not bring anything to anyone.



Wondering what else you do need?


What exactly needed at first hand is the attention of people over there through following.



So, the first step is to get as many followers as you can, then only people will get to know about you or your brand and the values you are providing through your business based product or services.


So, wondering about the solution for the same.

We, at storebee, have several service that will certainly help you to achieve what you want from your social media marketing through the campaign.



You may go for different packages like Facebook likes package, Facebook comments, Twitter followers, Twitter retweets, Youtube views, Instagram likes, Tumblr notes and so forth.




That means it is a one stop solution for all of your social media marketing through the campaign needs.



Being a company and to leverage the best use of social media, you will need to be on multiple platforms based on where your targeted audience are like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram and so forth.




But certainly you do need to analyse your audience at first and get to understand where are available at most of the time.

Most popular social networks worldwide


Based on the preliminary analysis, you can go for different package and make use of it for your posts and content.



Pondering what is the need of it?



The most basic benefits can be considered as to draw the attention of users and make them engage in your brand profiles, and later on with quality and value based content and posts, you can keep them engaged with your brand.




And, later on it can help you to redirect them on to your website and convert them to your loyal customers or buyers.



And, this was just a grasp of what Facebook and other social media likes and following can bring on the table for your brand, apart of that, there are many other benefits for your social media marketing through the campaign which you may get to know and experience after the utilising it.



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(Social media marketing campaign ideas)



Social media marketing comes up with numerous marketing and showcasing based opportunities to present your brand in front of the users and customers.



And, what separates you from your numerous competitors is the social media marketing campaign ideas and strategies that you do leverage to draw in clients and prospects to your brand.



So, In order to leverage social media marketing and make the best use of it, you will need some best trending and unique social media marketing campaigns that you can utilise for your brand to stand out in front of your rivals.



So, we have come up with 5 best social media marketing campaign ideas with a vision that they may bring some value to your next social media marketing campaign.



A campaign to support a social cause


The social cause had always been to catch the attention of the public, and in case of social media as well, a campaign with a social cause can bring deep user engagement for your targeted audience and prospects with your brand.



For example, you may start a campaign with some small contest in order to target and reach user while promoting a noble cause at the same time.


social media contest


Sales with incredible offers always performs

No wonder, offers and sales will always traction of users and will make them engage with your brand. You may wonder what after the offer ends, you will lose them? Well, the answer is no, because the offers will not act as a one-time show since it will create loyalty among them for your brand, and later on they can be your loyal and regular customer.


Videos are extraordinary at least in case of major social media players


Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn started with the vision to improve the social structure of general public users and professionals. And, text-based posts were always wonderful, but with the advancement in multimedia and technology, videos are ‘the’ thing which is working for big players.


Create a video with a social message, bring some value to users and then showcase your brand or product.


Embed few of your sponsored post with emotions and love


Love and emotions- the two beautiful relates to each one of us, and we cannot stop use watching some emotions based posts.



Embed your video or image-based content with an emotional theme, for example, if you have seen the recent video of ‘Ixigo’ app- A train booking system, you will get to understand the complete idea behind it.




The point is to show something which people can relate to and then showcase your brand.



Social media content like a giveaway


Prizes are always going to attract people, the idea behind this strategy is to leave everything to your current followers, and they will bring new followers and customers for you.



Wondering, how?


Simple, organise a free giveaway with gifts and prizes on few terms, for example, top 10 prizes for those who like and share your page, share their experience with your brand and so forth.




Well, execution of any best social media marketing campaign ideas can definitely a boost to your brand user engagement and hence visibility to users who can later be converted to your followers and can be your loyal customer if you can keep them engaged with your brand.



(Social media marketing campaign strategy)



Times have really changed, especially when it comes to social media marketing. There was a time where, as long as you are available and active on social media, you are doing great.



But now it doesn’t truly matter if you are available on social media unless and until you are not applying a social media marketing campaign strategy that can suit well for your brand.



Yes, even there are probable chances that a social media marketing campaign strategy that worked very well for you rival may not work for you.



You might need to define a lot of things now, have a marketing mind which can understand people and analyse of what they think about you and your brand.



And, also could figure out the best strategy for possible and result-oriented outcomes.



Keeping all that in mind, we will share 5 of the all-time best social media marketing campaign strategy which can actually work and bring value to your brand.



Define your goal to define your strategy


First thing comes first, and it should be that you need to define and understand what exactly you do want to achieve through the social media marketing campaign.



Having a clear picture of your goal will help you to draw an even better picture of a strategy that can work and bring value to your brand.



Your goal can be based on the monthly basis, or quarterly basis, or yearly or even weekly basis.



For example, you might want to understand what you want to achieve through this summer, and then prepare a strategy accordingly.



Understand whom you are targeting to- You audience


Since you already have got understating of what your goals are and how to achieve them. But we are still missing one thing in between, guess what?



A social media marketing campaign strategy is incomplete unless and until it defines whom are you targeting to. Who is your targeted audience?



Knowing your audience can help you to understand where you can find them, and accordingly prepare as for your go-to-market strategy.



Analyse your social media dashboards


Till here, you have targeted your audience, and say that you have already gained few of followers through your prepared social media marketing campaign ideas, but is that it?



No, you will need to keep analysing your followers and customers about how they are reacting to your content, what do they think of your brand, what do they think of your product and services?



Knowing these things can help you to take the required action to keep them engaged with your brand.



Investigating about your competitors


Even if you have been able to keep your followers and prospects engaged with your brand through your initial social media marketing campaign, how likely you are certain that they are not going to fall for your competitors? After all, you are not the only player in your industry?



So, you need to keep monitoring your competitors and analyse of what they are posting, what they are offering to their followers and customer, and accordingly, take the required action to keep your customer engaged with your brand.



Arrangement of your budget and resources


When it comes to a right social media marketing campaign strategy, budget and resources should never be ignored.



A particular planning and arrangement for the utilisation of budget and resources on different channels and marketing efforts are necessary so as to ensure that maximum of your budget should go there from where you are getting maximum of traction and conversions.



So, these were 5 quick social media marketing campaign strategy which you may want to consider for your next media campaign, however, if at any point you feel stuck, please do let us know in the comment section below and we will try our best ot provide as much value as possible.

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