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All about social media websites

Top 5 social media website for your Brand marketing


Ever since the born of human, we are trying to find every way to communicate with each other efficiently and effectively. And, when it comes to your brand or an company, you always needs to find a way to communicate and interact with your audience and customer as for go-to-market strategy.


And, no wonder, the invention of social media was a game-changer when it comes to marketing. Have you ever wondered about the importance of social media websites for marketing?


In fact, there are several social media websites for marketing which can be utilised to boost up your productivity and influence of your brand and even boost your web-based efforts. And, with the invention and advancement in technology and internet, everything is going online, won’t you want to be present where your audience is?



social media websites to your brand


But again the list of social media website is going up and up with the time. For example, today we have many social media websites and platform for advertising like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, even WhatsApp is being used for marketing.


Also, choosing the best platform which could be effective and wise for your social media marketing could be quite confusing. Just because there are numerous platforms, it doesn’t imply that you can available in all of them, right?


So today we will tell 5 of the best social media websites for marketing that will suit best for your company/brand.


  • Facebook for marketing


Facebook has reported more than 1.5B users last years, and no wonder the numbers are always increasing. The thing is that Facebook has a different type of users and it would be most probable to find your targeted audience on the platform. No wonder, with the right social media marketing strategy, you can gain the attention of the users and hence followers.


  • Twitter for marketing


The uniqueness of this social media website is the post which can go viral anytime, you cannot really predict when you will gain the attention of a lot of users out there, and simultaneously have gained a lot of followers. But it all depends on the social media content.


  • LinkedIn


If your brand is kind B2B company which means you, customer or client, is also a Business, or in simple words, if your product/services are not people based, LinkedIn can be a game changer. Since most or we can major of the companies do have a profile on LinkedIn, and are always looking for potential brands to collaborate with.


  • YouTube


Videos are the best for multimedia when it comes to marketing, and developing videos for brand awareness can be a really helpful thing.


  • Pinterest


If you want to share some great content in the form of images, Pinterest is the ultimate thing with its huge user base. The visual nature of this social media website can possibly get you a hit up for your quality content based Images.



Major Social media websites lists for personal and commercial use


Social media websites are a great way or a platform to communicate with your friends, companions or relatives. In fact, this was the vision when social media websites were founded, just as for the social structure and way to interact with our friends, see their lifestyle in a visual manner and so forth.


But with the advancement in business and technology, most of the social media websites do especially focus on their business purpose, as in acting as a platform for brands to interact and introduce to their targeted audience and customers.


So, today we will let you know social media websites list of the top 10 which can be utilised by anyone either for their personal profile or company profile.



Founded in 2004 with the vision to improvise the social structure of the world, and check out your friends and companions about what they are doing, where they are visiting and so forth. But now Facebook comes up with a new feature almost every day to make the vision clear and social structure better.



Even due to 280 character limit, we do not really have much idea of what it can do, right? Major of the happenings, news debates and everything is making up and within the 280 characters limit. It is great for both personal use and company use.



Unlike other social media websites, google plus is specifically for business, helping to improve search engine ranking based on the keywords.



LinkedIn is another great social media website to keep your professional experience and lifestyle in front of several other brands, companies and business leaders.



Want to share your great pictures of your day or vacation? Instagram is the one platform with its great filters and exclusive image editing tool to give you the ultimate social experience and sharing with your friends and companions.



Tumblr is again a micro-blogging website like Twitter, but unlike of Twitter, it allows you to share images, text, Blogs, links with your Tumblr followers and users.



An image-based multimedia sharing social media website and app comes with a great hell of filters and image editing software to share your whole day stories and experience with people on your profile.



The most used and secured messaging application acquired by Facebook is one the instant and quick cross-platform messaging application and enables you to interact with anyone keeping the chats encrypted.



The Q&A website founded by two of former Facebook employees have more than 80 million visitors. Looking for a quick, extraordinary and diverse thought on any question, Quora have it.



Again, it is a multimedia sharing social media website but it allows sharing the only video of length 6 seconds with your followers.


So, these are the list of 10 popular social media websites with a large user base and can be a right fit for both personal and commercial use.


(Social media marketing)


The growth of social media and their user base eventually turned out to be very useful for businesses and brands to connect with their customers and audience. In fact, data suggests that social media has a more customer base than any form of conventional media or communication platform like a newspaper, television and so forth. And, when it comes to marketing, there cannot really be a better option than social media marketing.


In simple terms, social media marketing refers to the use of social media websites for advertising or showcasing your products or services to a large audience which can be later converted into a buyer.


Social media marketing efforts are to get the attention of the users over there and with engaging and valuable posts in order to convert them into your followers so that they might want to think once about your brand whenever they a need a product or service based on what you are providing.


Do you have millions of followers on social media websites like Facebook or Twitter?


If yes, there is one sure thing that not all of them are your buyers or customer, right? So, the major point of social media marketing is to draw out the targeted audience based on your product and service, so that later on they can be your loyal customer.


So, we will tell you tips on finding your audience and also how to target your audience on social media websites through social media marketing.


  • Know your audience:


The first and basic things are to know about your customer, their location, either they are local or global, their age group, do they belongs to 18-30 or 40-60, or 60-80 and so forth. Knowing your audience will help you plan a better strategy for your next social media marketing through the campaign.


  • Wisely choosing your social media platform


There is more than 20 or 30 social media platform, right? That doesn’t imply that you have to present on all of them, once you do figure out about your target audience, you can analyse where you can find them. For example, LinkedIn can be the best suit for a B2B product, or for youngsters, you can always target Facebook marketing as that’s where they are at most of the times.


  • Preparing and posting content that resonates with your audience


Social media marketing is all about engaging with your audience, a follower doesn’t always imply that they will be engaged with you forever, unless and until you keep interacting with your followers again and again. The simple way to do that is quality and value-based content or posts that can keep engaged with you.


However, these are just a grasp of how to make the best use of social media marketing to gain followers and customers for your brand. Apart of that, there are much other social media marketing strategies like video content, quality content, and the most important is to keep learning and apply the latest algorithms in all of the social media platforms.


(Social media websites)


Social media websites are the platform with a large cluster of user base ranging from personal profiles for interaction with friends and companions, company profiles for interaction with its customers and followers, and professional profiles of the company employees. The most important things of the social media websites are that you can find everyone on there and send and request to connect with them or follow them to stay tuned for their posts and content.


Few of the major players in the social media websites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, Quora and so forth.


How about we get a quick grasp of each social media website and get to understand how they work, and also analyse how you can make use of these websites for your personal and commercial use.


    • Facebook: With its more than 1.3 B user base, Facebook consist of different type of profiles like personal profiles, company profiles, and professional profiles. You can create a personal profile for interacting and checking our friend’s activity or you can create a company page where you can get page likes and keep them updated on your brand events and engaging content.


    • Twitter: It is a micro-blogging website and started with 140 character limit of posts, but recently has elongated the character limit to 280 characters. In spite of its character limit, people can get to know updates, news and happening around the world.


    • LinkedIn: Unlike of Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is not interacting with friends, rather it is for professional people with work experience and share with the major brands, companies and even share your work experience with major recruiters around the world.


    • Instagram: Instagram is an image sharing application, and allows sharing personal images as well as an image for brand awareness among your followers.


  • Quora: Quora was developed with a vision that really likes questions for which we could not find solutions very easily, can be available from several industry-based experts and their opinions.


Apart from these 5 social media websites, there are several other platforms like Flickr, Reddit, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Mocospace, Google duo, hi5 and so forth.


The importance of social media website is to connect with your friends, followers, companions, relatives and the sky is limit from there, or you may even follow your mentor and industry experts to learn and explore more about your work and improve your personal life.


You do understand what a social media website is, right?

But for better understanding we will see the definition of social media website. Wikipedia defines social media website as a platform for expressing your ideas, views and opinions in forms of any multimedia like image, video, text or gif, and also it allows the brands and companies to share their value based posts and content to your followers and loyal customers.


Social media has really taken over the internet, but the fact is the concept of social media was originated from websites and they are responsible for the huge user base of the apps. The ability of these apps to share content and our daily life stories have really changed the way we interact with people. Not just on a personal level, social media has also changed the way companies and brands do engage with their followers and loyal customers. Unlike the conventional marketing tools like newspapers and television, social media provides equal opportunity to everyone either it is a newly developed startup or a well-established corporation.


Social media website definition also states few of the depicting properties and features of these apps and website like:


* Social media websites are interactive web based applications that provide real time content sharing and messaging.


* Social media websites are also a collection of user generated content like comments, reviews, opinions, views and so forth.


* Social media websites are a collection of user generated specific profiles for personal and commercial use.


* Social media websites allow connecting with other users and brands


But, having an account on social media doesn’t imply that you are going to make use of it. Making a best use of it requires your regular activity and user engagement by interacting with people, either when it comes to your personal profile or company based profiles. Regular quality and value based content posting is the simple way to connect and interact with people over there. The primary goal of the content posting is to provide value based information which is most relevant to your followers and customers.


If we take a notice of what social media mean we might be able to get better idea of what it is. The ‘social’ part in the social media means sharing of information and the ‘media’ implies the way of interaction and communication, for example, Television, newspaper or the most important one, the social networks. Thus the true and precise social media website definition could be the feature of it which enables sharing of information and content via social networks.


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